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The work and education environment is spinning faster and faster, with new topics and even professions being added all the time: data protection, skills for the new work environment, or product and system training.

But often the necessary knowledge is difficult to access. In addition, users, employees or students lack time and motivation. New methods are needed to meet changing needs:

Content should be created faster and more flexibly

Learning sequences should be more exciting and multimedia-based

sustainable learning effects instead of "click through" are required

Get your message across. Say good-bye to tricky authoring.

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NEO - Certified Reseller
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Happy Students represents state-of-the-art educational softwarewhich provide motivating learning experiences thanks to perfect user experience. This way we can find the the most suitable solution for you. Thanks to modern cloud software you can get started lean and cost-effective, and scale according to your needs. We develop content together or provide the know-how for you and your specialists.

2019 LMS Gold Winner

Let's meet online. Get inspiration!

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retain customers with digital knowhow offerings


engage students with exciting learning experiences online


strengthen your brand through these online offerings

Globally proven software for digital learning journeys

The solutions we offer are used millions of times, placing them among the most popular eLearning platforms in the world.

NEO and MATRIX E-Learning

Fast & professional

Thanks to the integrated HTML editor, you can create great digital learning material with texts, images, tables and links in no time.

You can record audio, videos and images directly from your smartphone. Quiz formats, gamification and full mobile suitability ensure exciting learning sequences.

Automatic analyses help with certifications and in managing participants, competences and grades.

EasyGenerator E-learning

Simple & amazing

Easily create new content with built-in templates or import your proven PowerPoint slides. Enhance these templates with photos, videos, interactive elements or exciting quiz formats.

The eLearnings are fully mobile-friendly, can be distributed as links, or embedded on digital platforms.

EasyGenerator E-learning

Simple & amazing

Easily create new content with built-in templates or import your proven PowerPoint slides. Enhance these templates with photos, videos, interactive elements or exciting quiz formats.

The eLearnings are fully mobile-friendly, can be distributed as links, or embedded on digital platforms.

Forbes Recognizes CYPHER LEARNING as Best Corporate Training Solution... Twice!
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Frequently asked questions


What advantages do knowledge providers gain from modern digital learning environments?

Content positions providers in the digital space, which has grown enormously in importance since the pandemic. Whereas in the 'real' world, location and attractive spaces pay off for the success of the retail store or school in the digital learning space it's a positive user experience, attractive content, and mobile-friendliness.

Modern learning platforms are the headquarters for internal and external training and webinar events for companies. For schools, they form the digital backbone for further development of course offerings revolving around blended and micro-learning as well as location-independent learning. All providers are thus equipping themselves for new tasks such as the simple creation of digital learning content or the survey of competencies among users.

Modern learning platforms offer eCommerce which allows courses, learning content and learning paths to be offered and promoted via digital marketing.

What advantages do education managers or course directors have when using LMSs, ILPs and other learning platforms?

Training managers can use platforms to reduce copying and media costs, simplify administrative and didactic processes, and make important data such as grades or absences available to learners electronically.

The structured design of an LMS simplifies quality assurance, ensures up-to-date teaching content, and allows the exchange of learning content before and after the event. By means of templates, digitally optimized lessons can be decoupled from content and person and thus transferred to other events.

How do participants benefit from online training?

Course participants move around in an engaging learning environment that also works perfectly on their favorite medium - the smartphone - thus increasing motivation. Links to online meetings, group work and access to documents, all in one place - bringing calm and attention to the classroom.

Participants can work through the content at their own pace and deepen it independently as needed. By means of self-tests, learners assess their progress more and more reliably and thus take responsibility for their own learning success.

The collaboration and communication possibilities of a modern learning platform also train digital skills that are required in the professional world.

What qualifications do I need to create eLearning?

The operation of our eLearning softwares is possible even without prior knowledge. Templates and stencils help with the creative process. In order to create appealing learning content, didactical knowledge is helpful.

Feedback from users can also help with the design - by making the educational offering available digitally, changes can be implemented quickly, 'learning by doing' is no problem.

How quickly can online training systems be set up?

As a certified implementation partner for some of the world's most popular learning environments, we create a system tailored to your needs that is scalable, creating opportunities for you well into the future.

All the software we use comes from the cloud. For users, this means flexible price structures, always the most modern range of functions and the highest system reliability. But also the flexibility to use only the product features that are important to them today. Start with autonomous microlearning and scale up to a learning ecosystem at the right time.

Starting point is your needs today and outlining possibilities that are interesting for you in the future. Are you interested in this discussion? Arrange a non-binding appointment right here on the site. 

Can I try a demo of the eLearning platform?

We offer you the opportunity to test our eLearning systems and digital learning environments completely free of charge and without obligation for 14 days. Simply contact us: happystudents.ch/contact or make an appointment on this page.

Melanie W.

A learning platform with an intuitive interface that remains mobile-friendly. Switching from a long-established tool like Moodle is definitely worth it.


Janet L.

We use NEO LMS and its many advantages in our educational company. Happy Student was our reliable contact for the implementation and still supports us competently with questions. Many thanks to you!


Alexander L.

We chose MATRIX LMS with the Happy Students service package. From the first contact to the implementation a pleasure. Professional, friendly and super competent. 


Make an appointment for a product demo (30′)

Roger Hubmann Founder

Your interlocutor is Roger Hubmann. He is a lecturer, has developed digital courses, and has many years of experience in digital product development and engagement marketing.

You will benefit from a fresh look at your challenges, get an overview of the possibilities of the digital world of knowledge and receive solution sketches. In just 30′, without obligation and free of charge. 

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