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The name says it all - we all want happy learners. But actually we should be called 'Happy Teachers' - because we inspire them to use digital media. Interdisciplinarity is important to us - because we create compelling learning environments and applications from collaboration that bring all types of users on board.

Roger Hubmann, Founder

I have been a lecturer in adult education for several years and have been working on methodological and didactic topics in the digital context since 2017. But my background is the digital economy. Already since the last millennium - I started with a Commodore C64. It went on with the conception and implementation of digital presences, for big brands in Europe. Numerous digital communication and product developments followed, including the development of a gaming startup
or a service provider in eCommerce.
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Roger Hubmann - Happy Students
Michelle Bass - Happy Students

Michelle Bass

I've been fascinated by technology and the digital world for about 10 years now, and the possibilities it offers for school and learning. With my master's degree in media and computer science at the PH Schwyz, I am up to date with digital teaching and learning.

During my bachelor's degree in communication and media studies, I looked at who uses the Internet how, and which media trends tend to flatten out and which are on the rise.

Since I have many teachers in my environment, I have various private insights into their work and the problems they face in their everyday lives. I can apply these insights in my work when it comes to inspiring teachers for the LMS.

Additionally, I'm excited to see the direction the school is taking, with my work as a Digital Learning & Content Specialist at Happy Students I'm at the forfront of innovation in education.

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Dr. Alexander Blechschmidt

During my doctorate in ethnology and as a research assistant at the University of Zurich, I spent several years working in depth on questions of effective knowledge transfer and was able to gain important experience in this field, among other things, during presentations at international conferences, in workshops, and by leading seminars for students. At the same time, I continued my education in content marketing, web design and social media management - for a professional lateral entry into the world of online communication.

In the CAS course "E-Learning Design", which I completed at the Lucerne University of Teacher Education (from May to December 2020), the focus was on the didactic conception and development of digital, interactive learning media in different formats, on learning management systems (LMS) and on the holistic implementation and support of e-learning and blended learning projects in schools and universities, administrations and companies.

All of these interests come together in my role as Digital Learning & Content Lead at Happy Students.

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You can find my articles for our blog about digitization in education here.

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