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Our field-proven LMS, learning platforms and authoring tools form the digital backbone for the future of learning.

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We are happy to adapt our service modules to your needs on a modular basis.


Discover with us state-of-the-art & intuitive
solutions that combine e-learning with fun.


Tell us what you want your LMS to be able to do. We take care of the technical implementation.


We are also there for you with expertise after the implementation of your learning platform.



Learn the basics and practical tips of authoring tools directly from the pros.

Our LMS, learning platforms and authoring tools

Modern learning management systems that provide positive user experiences

The learning platform for schools & universities

More than just a supplement to face-to-face teaching - the NEO LMS combines lesson planning, management and learning content in one place.

MATRIX E-Learning

The learning platform for companies

A streamlined LMS with your branding and useful features like an e-commerce connection, web conferencing, and more.

Seminars and services from the Factory
Modern learning management systems that provide positive user experiences

The authoring tool for everyone

With the uncomplicated authoring tool, even IT laymen can create interactive and mobile-friendly e-learning courses in no time.

Your advantages at a glance

Adaptive learning according to individual competencies

100% DSGVO compliant learning platforms for your security

Gamification with versatile
e-learning formats

As lecturers and business economists we know the practice first hand

Get the most advanced software, scale, and benefit from competitive pricing.

Reach your goal quickly thanks to versatile customizable templates

Learners worldwide achieve their personal and professional learning goals with NEO and MATRIX.

Organizations convey their knowledge in the most effective way through our e-learning environments.

Renowned companies worldwide rely on these solutions.

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