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Want to realize the full potential of digital learning experiences?

Create exciting interactive learning opportunities in no time and without prior knowledge with an eLearning platform individually selected for you.

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Focus on learning content instead of complicated software

With our award-winning eLearning platforms, we create a solution perfectly tailored to your needs. We either develop content together or we provide the know-how so that you can get started yourself.

EasyGenerator elearning

With Easygenerator, teachers can use templates to easily create attractive eLearnings with multimedia content and various test formats, edit them together and pass them on to learners.

MATRIX elearning

MATRIX is a cloud-based intelligent learning platform (ILP) for education providers and enterprises. Powerful features and an attractive user interface ensure high-quality learning experiences on all devices and in all forms of teaching.

NEO elearning

Through NEO ILP , private, public and higher education institutions create and organize learning activities easily and intuitively. A wide variety of teaching formats are possible. Templates and learning paths make digital forms of education accessible to all teachers.

2019 LMS Gold Winner

For professionals and teachers, ease of use, reuse of existing material and short production times are elementary.

Fast & professional

Thanks to the integrated HTML editor, you can create great digital learning material with texts, images, tables and links in no time.

You can record audio, videos and images directly from your smartphone. Quiz formats, gamification and full mobile suitability ensure exciting learning sequences.

Automatic analyses help with certifications and in managing participants, competences and grades.

NEO and MATRIX E-Learning

Simple & amazing

Easily create new content with built-in templates or import your proven PowerPoint slides. Enhance these templates with photos, videos, interactive elements or exciting quiz formats.

The eLearnings are fully mobile-friendly, can be distributed as links, or embedded on digital platforms.

EasyGenerator E-learning

Globally proven eLearning platforms

Our solutions are used millions of times, placing them among the most popular eLearning platforms in the world.

Learners worldwide achieve their personal and professional learning goals with NEO and MATRIX.

Companies and organizations convey their knowledge in the most effective way via our digital learning environments.

Otis EasyGenerator E-learning
Yamaha EasyGenerator E-learning
german-post Easygenerator E-learning
Boehringer Ingelheim EasyGenerator E-learning

Renowned companies use EasyGenerator for attractive learning environments.

Ready for modern learning concepts?

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Frequently asked questions

What advantages does an eLearning platform offer me?

eLearning platforms such as NEO and MATRIX offer you a wide range of tools for enhancing existing teaching content and creating completely new learning opportunities. Teachers and learners become part of an online community using short communication channels such as chats and forums. Automated analysis and administrative issues, such as grade transcripts or attendance, can be conveniently handled in one place.

Can I also offer learning content without registration?

There are a variety of ways to make eLearnings available to as many people as possible via different devices - for example, with EasyGenerator. The authoring software allows the distribution of external links. However, the content created can also be integrated into existing learning platforms.

Can I buy or trade elements for my eLearnings?

Typically, eLearnings are designed and created to be application-specific. But you can obtain content on general topics via learning platforms, such as Udemy or LinkedIn, and incorporate it into your own learning sequences. If you want to share eLearning elements that you have created yourself, we recommend using authoring software that has export options in the generally applicable formats, such as SCORM or LTI.

How is learning progress measured?

Each of our applications has numerous formats with which learners can test their knowledge level. Depending on the design and configuration, results can be logged and documented over time.

Typically, learning progress measurements serve as "crossroads" in individual learning paths. Linking to competence profiles, automatic certification and issuing of certificates of participation is also possible.

What qualifications do I need to create eLearning?

The operation of our eLearning softwares is possible even without prior knowledge. Templates and stencils help with the creative process. In order to create appealing learning content, didactical knowledge is helpful.

Feedback from users can also help with the design - by making the educational offering available digitally, changes can be implemented quickly, 'learning by doing' is no problem.

What other questions should I ask myself when choosing an eLearning platform?

  1. What are the goals of my learning opportunities?
  2. Who will operate the platform?
  3. Do I want to offer full courses or supplement face-to-face classes?
  4. Do I want to digitize existing content or create completely new eLearnings.
  5. Should my learning opportunities be available through an online store?
  6. Do I need my own server?
  7. Is data protection guaranteed?

What happens when an eLearning platform is introduced?

First, we work with you to find out which software best meets your needs. In the process, we shed light on your educational offerings and derive ways to implement them digitally. 

The subsequent implementation includes:

  • Determine the scope of the service package
  • Development planning
  • System configuration
  • Model courses as a template
  • Trainings for users

Can I try a demo of the eLearning platforms?

We offer you the opportunity to test our eLearning systems completely without obligation and free of charge for 14 days. Simply contact us: happystudents.ch/contact or make an appointment on this page.

Knowledge has long since ceased to be static and should be available regardless of location and person, as well as on all devices at all times.

Roger Hubmann Founder

"eLearnings must be easy to create in order to share high-quality content without detours. We see ourselves as enablers - either doing the development or training your team. "

Roger Hubmann - Founder Happy Students

Your advantages with Happy Students


Thanks to our software selection, we will find the right solution for you.


Easy to use for everyone
With our tools, even novice users can create exciting mobile learning experiences.


Interaction & Gamification
Learning has gone mobile and can be just as engaging as other apps through gamified elements.


Cloud hosting included
You save costs because you don't need your own servers or specialist staff for maintenance.

100% Privacy
Data protection is not an unloved niche topic for us. Our systems and cloud servers are DSGVO-compliant.

State-of-the-art learning settings
From eBooks to social media to augmented reality - position yourself as a contemporary brand.

Customers in Switzerland

Happy Students is a certified reseller for the NEO and MATRIX learning platforms of CYPHER LEARNING as well as for the authoring software EasyGenerator.

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In just under 30 minutes you will get to know NEO, MATRIX or EasyGenerator and can discuss your questions directly with our experts.

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