Infographic: The most important LMS product features 2022+

The main LMS product features



By 2023, the LMS market is expected to exceed $22 billion. So there will be fierce competition, many LMS developers are therefore introducing eye-catching new features for their products to stand out from the crowd. While this trend has brought some great features to digital didactics, there are others that don't add value and make it more complicated to use.

Is your organization toying with the idea of acquiring a digital learning platform, but you're not sure which features are important? Then this infographic will come in handy.

1. full mobile capability

Many learners use mobile devices in their daily lives. Mobile suitability is a critical factorwhen you compare LMS features. But optimization for mobile devices is not enough: The design and layout of your digital learning environment should provide learners with an engaging and seamless experience, regardless of the device they're using. and seamless experience for the learner, regardless of offer.

2. support for blended learning

Blended learning combines the the best aspects of teacher-led training and the and the self-study. Look out for numerous interaction opportunities for classroom sessions and self-study phases.

3. branding

Whether it's an e-learning provider or a company looking to train their employees, branding is an important goal for everyone. For this reason, it's important to consider the Design of your learning platform to your brand can.

4. reliable data management

As a company, you want Data on how staff* and faculty interact with the courses. Instructors expect data on how their learners are doing. Learners, on the other hand, expect help in identifying areas where they can improve and expect Access to grades and test results.

5. simple and enjoyable to use

Flashy features are no use if users can't make sense of them. Lack of usability, overly complex user interfaces are challenges that companies face. Therefore, already when selecting an LMS, look for superior usability and intuitive operation.


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