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Why a Learning Management System?

An LMS can simplify communication, reduce media costs, and provide learners with an optimal learning experience in the digital space.


But what does an LMS do for your school?
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Insight into a digital learning environment

LMS in action

CYPHER LEARNING's digital learning environments are widely accepted.

Happy Students implements CYPHER Neo or CYPHER Matrix and accompanies the application.

Organizations use CYPHER Matrix.

Several million users around the world.

In this way, we create the digital-didactic backbone of the school in collaboration with educators and specialist staff.

Develop courses as templates

Collaborate with learners, teachers and parents

Synchronize notes and attendance

Well equipped for distance learning

Present media attractively regardless of device, reduce copying costs

Attractive learning experiences in the digital space

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There is a lot to report from the world of digital education. But how exactly does this fit into your context? Let's start a constructive dialog.

Frequently asked questions


How do you introduce a learning platform?

Usually in several stages. The question "what should and could be achieved with the new system?" is asked at the beginning.

Subsequently, we will shed light on the educational offering, and how it can and should be digitally expanded? Finally, how does the new system fit with the digital competencies of the users and the existing system landscape?

From this we derive the components of the implementation:

  • System configuration
  • Model courses as a template
  • Trainings for users
  • Scope of the Service Package
  • Development planning

What are the benefits of a learning platform for school administrators?

School administrators can reduce copying and media costs, simplify administrative processes, and make important data such as grades or absences available to learners electronically.

The structured setup of an LMS simplifies quality assurance, ensures up-to-date teaching content and enables synergies to be used within the school and other institutes.

What are the advantages for teachers?

Teachers can easily create multimedia learning content and send it to their classes. Assessing the results of tasks, self-tests and even exams is easier; grading keys and assessment grids can be stored and conveniently applied.

A learning platform is the ideal place to prepare for and follow up on face-to-face lessons. In online lessons, a learning environment reduces the workload because the teacher can use it to release interactive learning content and thus better rhythmize the lessons in front of the camera.
Professional learning platforms enable digital didactic enrichment with tools such as group workspaces, forums, libraries, and ePortfolios. Teachers can also exchange information with related user groups such as subject teachers or parents via the platform.

How do learners benefit?

Learners work in an engaging learning environment that also works perfectly on their favorite medium - the smartphone - thus increasing their motivation to learn. They can work through the material at their own pace and even deepen it independently as needed. By means of self-tests, learners assess their own progress ever more reliably and thus take responsibility for their own learning success.

The collaboration and communication possibilities of a modern learning environment also train digital skills that are required in the professional world.

How do CYPHER Matrix and CYPHER Neo differ from Moodle or OpenOlat?

Moodle or Openolat are open source software that are developed by the community free of charge. Their maintenance can be costly and often requires internal IT resources. These software architectures are developed iteratively, often resulting in a suboptimal user experience.

MATRIX and NEO are so-called Software as Service products, they are always up-to-date and often anticipate the needs of their users. Thanks to dedicated development teams, constant attention is paid to state-of-the-art user experience and powerful data structure. Users can thus rely on an extensive catalog of functions that will also meet their growing expectations.

What benefits do education providers gain from a modern learning environment?

In this way, education providers are also positioning themselves in the digital education space, which has become enormously important in recent months. Whereas in the 'real' world, central location and attractive spaces are key to a school's success, in the digital learning space it's positive user experiences, mobile-friendliness and ease of use.

An ILP (Intelligent Learning Platform) forms the digital backbone of a modern school and thus the basis for the further development of course offerings revolving around blended and micro-learning as well as location-independent learning. At the same time, schools are gearing up for new tasks such as digital learning content creation or digital skills tracking. Modern learning platforms offer eCommerce so that courses, learning content, and learning paths can be offered and promoted via digital marketing.


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Happy Students is a certified reseller for CYPHER Neo and CYPHER Matrix.

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